Dubai Golf Course

Dubai City ScapeNo matter how you look at it, Dubai is emerging in the 21st century as a strategic hub in which to conduct business.

For Foreign Investors there are no foreign exchange controls, quotas or trade barriers in the region. Import duties are extremely low, with many products being exempt. Dubai has two “Free Zones” in which to set up foreign owned business, the Jebel Ali Free Zone established in 1985 and the newer Dubai Internet City. Dubai AirportThese Zones offer 100% foreign business ownership, up to zero taxes for 50 years, legal safety guarantees, unlimited recruitment, no currency restrictions and many other benefits.  These Zones are modern and fully ready for all aspects of setting up a new office, facilitating all requirements such as: electrical, technical or other operational needs.These incentives and ready-for-business zones, along with quality living and entertainment venues throughout the city have resulted in Dubai being a magnet for both business and leisure.

The emirate of Dubai is also a central gateway to over 1.5 billion consumers. Strategically located between Africa and the Middle East and the Far East and Europe, Dubai has a superb infrastructure which has resulted in this city becoming a key link in the global transport and distribution system. With the continued growth of Dubai’s world-class Emirates Airline, as well as the Dubai Port Authority, Dubai excels as a modern logistics hub ready for business today and tomorrow. English is the language of business in Dubai, and the city doesn’t want for beautiful hotel rooms, business centres, board rooms and meeting spaces. From all viewpoints, with state-of-the-art facilities and a strong logistical advantage, Dubai is without question, a city both ready for and continually getting down to business.