Costa Rica to Host the Future

Costa Rica will become the Latin American center for excellence to discuss and analyze the Megatrends that are defining business opportunities in LATAM. Disrupting technologies are transforming the services and manufacturing sectors and converging. They are reaching a tipping point between remaining relevant or shining above the crowd to drive sustainable growth, all the while reinventing the way we live and work…. at least according to the organizers of an upcoming conference.

In the context of the Megaminds in Megatrends Forum, the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE), will present the leading Minds driving these transformations including leading global speakers from Deloitte Center for the Long View, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, 3M, Google, LinkedIn, Scotiabank, Gensler, Roche, Boston Scientific, as well as Stanfordand Singularity University.

Among the topics to be addressed are: The application of augmented reality and virtual reality on surgery simulation and 3D medical visualization, Internet of Things as the digital “senses” for insight gathering, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to drive client life cycle, cyber security’s challenges in new business, the jobs of tomorrow, the use of blockchain in the fintech industry, 5g and the interconnectivity of the ecosystem. The themes are solidly based around Costa Rica and the future.

The event will have nearly 700 professionals and representatives from more than 300 companies, which will maximize networking opportunities on November 4-5, at the Costa Rica Convention Center, located just 15 minutes away from the Juan Santamaría international airport.

The registration cost is US$ 450 per person. There are still sponsorship options for companies that wish to participate in the exhibition hall.

Entries for the event are limited. Anyone interested in participating please register online at: 

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