Combing Business & Leisure Travel

Combining business and leisure travel on the same trip is an interesting new trend which aims to help road warriors reclaim some life/work balance. Not only does it make economic sense but it also helps to make travel more enjoyable and it lets business travelers gain a better appreciation of the local people and culture.

A recent surveyed sponsored by ANA and conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit the survey sought input from 1,500 travelers to Asia and rated cities on a scale one one to five stars based on opportunities for both business and leisure travelers.

Combining business and leisure travel doesn’t work for all destinations, so for this survey cities were ranked on a variety criteria including; safety, availability of consumer goods and services, opportunity for cultural experiences, quality of food and beverage, quality of international/regional links, level of digital connectivity, ease of transportation, quality of business facilities (shared meeting spaces, conference venues, etc), quality of lodging, prevalence and quality of English language (in signage, public announcements, etc).

Understanding this trend is important for cities because the Global Business Travel Association, estimates that business travel spending hit US$1.33trn globally in 2017, a 5.8% boost over 2016, with Asia-Pacific contributing 43% of this.

Combining business and leisure travel on the same trip is a growing trend as it is a nice way to make busi eps travel more enjoyable, more enriching and less stressful.

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