Going Global China

A Place to Broaden Horizons

In a country as vast in scope and size as China, it’s reassuring to know that no matter what city you’re doing business in, there’s something special on offer for the leisure hours.

All of China’s major cities boast top rated restaurants.  In Shanghai, for example, one can find delectable food from Fusion to Italian or even African (T8, Bali Laguna and Marrakech to name a few), but the true traveler must indulge in the local fare! Beijing has much to offer, a traditional Sichuan hotpot at Huang Cheng Lao Ma would be a recommended start.  Chengdu also boasts traditional Sichuan fare at Zi Fi, highly recommended and delicious. Alternatively, cities such as Xian, the capital of the province of Shannxi are renowned for more localized gastronomy, such as the Shannxi snack and Guangdong cuisine. There are simply too many cities and alternatives to mention; with a bit of research you’re sure to find some great choices.

Going Global ChinaGrowing world interest in China has also produced an abundance of luxury hotels with amenities to accommodate both business and pleasure. The Great Wall Sheraton Hotel in Beijing is conveniently located in the heart of China’s cultural and commercial center, complete with spa and a variety of restaurants; Chengdu’s Kempinski hotel has live entertainment at its opulent business club and the revitalized Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai includes a highly popular Jazz Bar and an expansive and relaxing outdoor terrace among its many features. Most of the world’s top-rated hotel chains have made their inroads into China, enhancing its appeal as a destination of sights and comforts.

Speaking of sights, again there are just too many to mention in China. Make the rounds and explore whichever city you’re visiting, it will not disappoint.  From a walk along the Riverside Promenade (Bingjiang Da Dao) in Shanghai to an afternoon in Běijīng’s fantastically named (and moated) Forbidden City to the Ocean Park, which remains the best theme park in Hong Kong, there is something for everyone to see and do in China; so do a little research before you arrive or simply talk to your concierge or business associates, and then get out and explore!

A great way to arrive in China well rested and ready to explore is via Air China. As the nation’s flag carrier they have slots at Beijing’s airport that are truly enviable. And with a modernization program well underway they are emerging as a truly world class carrier..

These are only starting points to exploring both the historical and the new in China; a special opportunity that will broaden your horizons in more ways than one.