The Busy Skies

Airlines are growing around the world, capacity is up, available seats are up and the industry in general is up. This means this November we’ll see some very busy skies.

According to new data the trend with carriers and passengers is very positive. New planes, new routes and a growing demand means airlines are adding capacity and increasing the number of passengers they carry.

Airlines are scheduled to fly 6.9 percent more available seat miles worldwide during November 2017 compared with November 2016. Departures are up 4.2 percent and seat volume is up 6.2 percent for the same period. Airlines in Asia increased capacity at the fastest rate, increasing 11.2 percent over 2016. The US reported the slowest growth rate at 3.2 percent.


As we noted Asia again leads the world in capacity growth but Africa and Central America are also expected to do well this November. The skies will keep getting busier.

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