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A Taste Sensation at Borough Market

This has to be the best food market I have been to, not to mention one of the oldest and most renowned markets in London by locals and tourists alike.

And I have to say this is the one place I have been to that you can legitimately taste test pretty much anything at any stall.

So I sniffed and poked by way around the market on a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon while in London.

The smells were intoxicating in the best way possible.


This is place where you can get all the traditional English fare as well as sampling delicacies from the many multicultural flavors that have made their way to the UK.

Wandering through the various stalls, I found myself going in circles, almost anxiety- stricken in a fury of trying to decide what to eat. It was all too much, and I didn’t want to miss out on the traditional Fish and Chips or the salted beef sandwich – all necessary eats while in London.

While you may not be able to sample a whole Sunday roast on a toothpick, you can definitely buy your own hot lunch and enjoy in the sun.

After gobbling down cheese, Pimms and paella samples, my eyes wanted everything but I don’t think my stomach could handle much more.

Finally, I decided on a juicy venison burger with relish and cheese.


If I lived in London, this is where I would go to do my grocery shopping. Well, if I was earning a hefty check. That pound is one strong currency right now. So while everything isn’t ‘cheap as chips’ it’s a delight for all the senses.

The market has everything from fresh produce, artisanal bakeries, delis and food stalls

On a side note: If cheese is your thing, make sure you make your way to the raclette stall. Here they melt layers of cheese in a rind the size of my head, before scraping it off into ribbons of molten cheese, poured all over potatoes. The drool was dripping my mouth just watching.

If you love food, and exploring London, then Borough Market is the place to be.

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