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A Guide To Travel In The Roman Empire

Even after a year and a few months of lockdowns and travel restrictions, we often take travel for granted. Prior to COVID-19 many people thought nothing of hoping on a plane and going to Europe for the weekend. But travel hasn’t always been this easy.

We recently came across this site which shows how long and arduous travel was during the age of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire covered nearly 12% of the earth’s surface and spanned three continents so it was a massive achievement for the times. So was travel.

London to Rome or Londinium to Roma back in the day is a tad shorter than 3,000 KMs, however as a best case scenario during the easiest travel months of the summer, it would still take a traveler about 30 days to make the journey.

Click the picture below and check out the site. It is fascinating and will make you appreciate how easy travel is these days… even with some restrictions and ambiguity.


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