A Guide to Airlines and Food


On a long flight, most airlines provide drinks, snacks and meals. Anyone travelling business or first class are guaranteed very good quality food, plus you normally have two or three meal options to choose from. However it is always worth checking ahead to see what kind of food is on offer, just in case it is not to your taste.

When going on a trip, there is quite a lot to organise, from booking the flights, getting the right travel insurance and booking your accommodations with Hostleworld. The last thing you want to do is rush around the airport trying to find somewhere to eat before taking off. This is why so many people opt to eat on the plane. Airplane food has never had a good reputation; mushy vegetables, lumpy gravy and dried up meat are just a few things which spring to mind. However, in recent years airlines have made a huge effort to improve their culinary offers. Some have even employed celebrity chefs to come up with meals. Below are just some of the airlines which have been highly commended for their food.

Etihad Airways
The Abu Dhabi-based carrier offers the crème de la crème of airline cuisine. According to the AirTrax survey, passengers have rated its first-class catering as the world’s best in airline food. Maybe it’s because the wines are hand-picked from boutique vineyards across the world, the traditional Arabian meals are generously portioned, or maybe it is because every meal uses fresh ingredients. Who knows, but it certainly gets a big thumbs up from customers.

Austrian Airways

The AirTrax’s Passenger’s Choice Award for best business-class catering was given to Austrian Airways and for good reason. The airline has really got their meal service down to an art. Not only does their food come from DO & CO – a catering company who supply food to prestigious restaurants all across the world – but the airline has specifically hired an on-board sommelier to recommend the perfect wine. You would have thought simply ordering a coffee would be straightforward, but the airline also offers 11 different types of Austrian Meinl coffee to choose from. You really are spoilt for choice on Austrian Airways.

Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand is famed for its fresh and tasty seafood, all of which is served on elegant crockery, designed specifically for the airline. Air New Zealand also takes pride in serving its native wines. There’s even child-friendly menus and options for infants too.

There are of course other great airline’s offering gastronomic delights. Let us know your favorites.

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