New Year’s Travel Resolution – Try the A380

It’s a new year. This means we all have to re qualify for our elite status at airlines and hotels and all us frequent travelers start to cast our minds about our travel in the year ahead.

So I think this is the perfect time to make a New Year’s Resolution; take a flight on an A380.

This super jumbo has been in operation for a few years now, but many flyers still haven’t had the opportunity to fly it. And that’s a real shame as I love the experience on board the A380 and would love to share it with all my readers. The plane offers a flight like no other.

The launch carrier for the A380 was Singapore Airlines which used the space and quality of build to redefine luxury in the air with a real suite in first class. Dubbed the Singapore Airlines Suite, their offering added a new world of privacy and cost to commercial air travel.

As more airlines received deliveries, carriers like Emirates, Korean Air, Air France, Lufthansa and even China Southern have added their own take on this gorgeous plane. The nice thing about this competition is that each airline offers their own distinct configuration and in-flight. This means from boarding to disembarking, flying the A380 is really a very different experience than flying another aircraft.

The one element that unites across all carriers is the comfort, sophistication and quality of flight. These huge planes have smooth take offs and landings, they’re quiet and very, very solid. I love the experience of being on board these massive planes.


If you haven‘t flown one of these lumbering giants of the skies then the most affordable way to experience it is on the shortest leg that one currently flies; Hong Kong to Bangkok or vice versa. Emirates flies their A380 on this two and a half hour route as it originates or continues on to Dubai.

Because this route is a small add on leg it’s not an expensive ticket. You can fly business class one way for about US$650 or US$900 for first class. And it is really worth it to experience Emirates’ A380 service. The plane is fully decked out for its long service which means first class has suites with doors that actually close, a minibar and their famous first class shower in the bathroom.

Their Business class has lay flat seats and a huge bar at the back of the plane which serves drinks and canapés. Korean Air, Etihad and others have duplicated the lounge experience on their A380s as well. This is a great way to socialize, relax and enjoy the flight.

To date Emirates has invested in the largest fleet of A380s and they show no signs of slowing down their roll outs. Qatar Airways has finally received theirs, British Airways is flying the A380 on select routes, Qantas has a great offering and more. The A380 has come a long way since Singapore first brought it to the skies but it remains one of the nicest birds aloft. This is a special plane and all of us who love flying should make sure to experience it.

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