6  Great Travel-Alternatives To Turn To While Self-Isolating

The planes have stopped around the globe, and we’ve either been ordered to stay-in-place, or it’s highly recommended by medical professionals and scientists.  If you are a travel junkie, going a little stir crazy, here are six great travel-alternatives that will take your mind to far-off places while you are stuck at home self-isolating.

Create an “around-the-world” food plan. Be it for a family of four, a couple or a few single friends having a “Zoom” dinner date, plan a weekly dinner based on menu’s from other countries BUT ideally with ingredients you typically have at home (we’re not trying to add to your food-shopping stress!) Celebrity Chef Daniel Green is one of a few Chefs doing videos to help you do just this. You can find his “Fire Up The Pantry” series as a partner project with the Youtube Channel Access Luxury.

Escape to Istanbul, Bangkok or Napa Valley through the eyes of food expert and travel junkie Cristina on the travel series Going Global on Amazon Prime. This series is a travel gem, with unique access to the Ciragon Palace, fantastic ruins in south Turkey, unique Inns and luxury hotels. Cristina is up for anything and everything, from Muay tai lessons to balloon rides, working with master Chefs and exploring unique markets. A fun series that is not to be missed. Available on Amazon Prime in the USA and Germany.

Sort through your old travel photos and make a coffee table book online.

There are too many companies to mention that do this, and you can often find deals for this on Groupon. This will be a fun trip down memory lane as you sort through and pick you favorites, and you’ll enjoy sharing the trip with the book that will end up on your coffee table or shelf! Another great online option is to have you absolute favourite photo transferred to a canvas through an online service.

Follow a different TYPE of travel-Instagrammer. Sure, there are many beautiful people that travel solely for the purpose of posting online (it would seem), but why not follow a traveler that travels the world for work, and has fantastic photos and testimonials as a result of this? First off check out our Host Cristina’s personal feed, as well as the series’ Director and Producer. Together these travel and documentary producers have flown over million miles traveled, combined.

If you are of legal drinking age, have a zoom evening with friends where you introduce a cocktail that is from or unique to a certain place, and tell the story behind it.The Singapore Sling and its fun connection to the Raffles Hotel in Singapore is always a great start. There are Mojito’s from Cuba, Pina Colada’s from Puerto Rico, a hot and spicy Canelazo from Ecuador or even a Ceasar, one of Canada’s favorite brunch cocktails. Share the recipe and get together over a cocktail you may or may not have tried, from a far (or near) corner of the planet. Check out our favourite Blood Mary recipe. Just be sure to drink responsibly.

Plan your next trip (or three) on a Pinterest board or other mood board. Pinterest is great for travel inspiration, and planning a jaunt to a far off place, using photos of beaches, cabanas, restaurants, plates of food and more is a great mood lifter. This will take you there for a little while, if only in your isolating- dreams. And after all, you need to be ready for next year!