Will Fine Dining Start Asking for the Money Up Front?


Most people in the Going Global Community like to eat out. Heck most of us spend weeks, months on the road working and so having a nice meal and good bottle of wine at the end of the day is a little reward for all of the other challenges associated with traveling for a living. But restaurants, unlike airlines or hotels, are uniquely vulnerable to fickle, feckless and even freakingly dishonest consumers.

But if a new trend continues this may change. Restaurants may adapt the put up or shut up model and begin requiring a credit card to hold a reservation. Check this out and you’ll see what we mean.

Is there any other simple transaction that has so many opportunities for deception as making a restaurant reservation? In the case of fashionable places, merely getting a reservation within a month of requesting it can be quite a feat too. But why should we be surprised? The restaurant business is one where everyone lies to each…


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