U.S., China visa deal a ‘game-changer,’ officials say


The great thing about bilateral trade is that it means bilateral in that goods and people go one way and goods and people return the other. We’ve had an interesting relationship with China on this point. We buy much more than we sell them and that’s obviously problem. In some industries the US and China are competitors, in others they are customers. We can be friends, enemies, lets just say it is complex.

Hopefully these new visa changes will help to address the balance of trade by increasing visits to each other’s countries. We love visiting China and love when Chinese tourists come to visit us. So here’s to more bilateral travel. If we can’t fix the trade imbalance at least we might be able to even out the number of tourist arrivals to and from each country.

In what White House officials described as a “game-changer,” President Obama on Monday announced a new visa deal with China designed to boost both countries’ travel and tourism industries. Under the new agreement, short-term tourist and businesses visas for those traveling from the U.S. to China or vice versa will now be valid for 10 years.…

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