Travel Treasures Add Alure to Your Home


For the weary world traveler adding a stop to a market after a long day’s work hardly seems relaxing. But it can be, and years of crisscrossing the globe has taught our Editors to take the time and do a little shopping in each destination they visit. Trust us, you’ll be happy to have a home filled with travel treasures from across the globe.

When you start to design a room with the intention of creating a space to share with others, it’s important that the space encourages conversation, and what could be a better conversation starter than items collected from world destinations?

Within easy reach and eyesight of your seating area include some conversation starters – a fabulous coffee table book from your latest voyage or a new controversial artist, a collection of masks, tapestry’s or some fabulous grouping or individual piece from another country draws the eye and curiosity. Bringing the world into your home through travel, or even utilizing the great stores that do this world-shopping for you is an elegant way to reveal your style and personality.

Places with charming old-world markets such as Morocco or Turkey invite you to bring a statement piece or a small grouping into your home, such as an arrangement of original candle holders, a sexy piece of art or a fabulous array of original silk throw pillows. Istanbul is a design hotbed and an amazing destination for apparel and home fashion products, materials and ideas. It’s one of the best kept designer secrets that is perfect for textiles, antiques and home décor products. Morocco on the other hand is perfect for antiques, wood carvings and metal work sculptures.

Furniture placement is also essential as no two chairs should be more than fifteen feet apart, and all of the seats should be comfortable, face each other and have access to a table to set a glass of wine down. Of course lighting creates a comfortable ambiance when it is properly positioned to highlight those great travel finds! Morocco has some pretty interesting lamps and lanterns. Then all you need to do is add a good quality sound system and the result will be a space filled with allure, comfort and conversation.

If our Editors have learned anything (and perhaps they haven’t) it’s that you’ll never regret the time or money spent on acquiring beautiful momentos of your global travels. Just skip the snow cones (unless of course you collect them).

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