Travel Just Got a Whole Lot More Fun


Something very exciting is happening at Going Global. We’re changing… we’re coming back for a new season with a new look, a new focus and a whole lot of new attitude thanks to Cristina Carpio.  It’s safe to say the world of travel just got a whole lot more fun.

So check out this video below and then read her really fab bio to learn a little bit about what we have in store for our community. But fasten your seat belts as it’s going to be an exciting ride.

Cristina Carpio is a hospitality professional, brand strategist, online writer and a Canadian television food and beverage expert. She is a graduate of hotel and restaurant management  and broadcast/journalism programs and has worked at some of the leading networks in Canada. Cristina loves researching the newest food and beverage trends and has received numerous awards for her work and community involvement. Cristina also has a column for a leading online food and beverage magazine and during her spare time, you can catch her hosting at a major event in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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