A Sharp Dressed Man


One of the rules of traveling is to always dress well. If you’re flying for business you’re representing your company. If you’re flying for leisure you’re representing yourself. In either case why would you ever want to leave the house wearing sweat pants, a torn Van Halen t-shirt and a baseball cap. Trust us we’ve seen much worse in First, Business and Economy cabins. Let’s face it people suck when they enter the world of aviation. it’s like they lose their sense of dignity.

But no fear, we’re here to restore it and to show you why and how it is important to dress well when traveling.  You already know it’s critical to dress for success at work and so when you’re on the road, in the air or hanging out at your hotel after a long day’s work. It is still important to try to look your best. For men this means wearing a suit. Trust us though, today’s suits are pretty cool.

Let me begin with a confession: Men’s formal wear is not my long suit. I am a sports writer, and department stores already devote entire sections to my slovenly demographic: men’s sportswear. You will find more suits in a standard deck of cards than you will see in my closet. And that’s a shame, because suits…

The Suit Is Back (If It Ever Really Went Away)

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