The Only Wine to Drink in Business Class


You’re on the plane in business or first class. Don’t just sit there, order Champagne. Forget the still, forget the fortified. Go big, go bubbly or go to sleep. Champagne is never the wrong choice on a flight.

Here are the top 10 reasons Champagne is the always right in flight

  • It doesn’t stain. You’re in your business suit, ready for that meeting two hours after landing. You spill red wine; you’re screwed. You spill Champagne; who cares.
  • It’s calming, not inebriating. You want to unwind in flight, not get drunk. Circle back to that meeting two hours after landing. Which leads to the next reason.
  • It’s low in alcohol. Dry sparkling is about the lightest style of wine there is; meaning, it’s lowest in alcohol. So skip the blockbuster Shiraz, big-ass Rhone red, or fat Napa Chardonnay and order the Champagne.
  •  It’s gently celebratory. You’ve survived the hustle and bustle of getting to and through the airport on time. Take pause, and lift a glass.
  • It’s low-cal. There’s only about 90 calories in a standard 4 ounce serving of dry bubbly, and 110 in the same amount of white or still red wine.
  • It’s low in carbs. After all, it’s really not just about the calories really. A glass of Champagne only has about 1 gram of carbohydrate.
  • It’s versatile. It’s fabulous solo but also goes with anything you care to pair with it. Salmon? Sure. Goat cheese salad? Of course? Pasta, steak, chicken, curry? Absolutely. So it streamlines meal service. No brainer.
  • It’s seriously refreshing. Cool and effervescent, dry and crisp, riveting and racy –on the universal refreshment scale of 1-10, it’s an 11.
  • It’s good for your heart. Recent findings from Reading University in England show Champagne reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke because it too is made from antioxidant-rich black grapes – Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. So Champagne offers the same benefits as red wine.
  • You deserve it. This of course is the best reason to make it your go-to in-flight drink. You’re in business or first class, because you’ve worked hard. Don’t waste the moment, champ. Ask for bubbly – quick! Before the warm nuts he just handed you get cold.

About Carolyn

CH1_204LCarolyn is the wine columnist for The Toronto Star newspaper and Star Touch. Her work is syndicated through a number of other daily newspapers; she also critiques wine every Wednesday on her video blog, The Wine Find at; and she contributes seasonally to Taste Magazine in British Columbia.

Carolyn received her formal sommelier qualifications from the Wine and Spirit Trust in London, has written two best-selling wine books, and is a longstanding member of the Circle of Wine Writers. She is a seasoned wine educator, judge, and media personality with 20 years of journalism experience. She has appeared on Canada AM, CITY-TV, BON TV and, and her reviews and articles have appeared in such eminent publications as Decanter, Wine Spectator, Wine & Spirit International, The Times (London), Maclean’s, Taste magazine and others. In short, she has earned her street cred. Now she spends her time tasting wine (on your behalf, of course) and telling it like it is.

Finding you your next great wine is her calling. Along the way, she has shown living well doesn’t have to be pricey or pretentious. Just takes a little know-how, and maybe a corkscrew.

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