Swing and Miss for Austrian Resto in Sanlitun

Tafelspitz is an unfortunate restaurant. The concept has potential with the obvious lack of traditional Austrian restaurants in China’s capital and there’s always room for niche and focused restaurants, but there are inconsistencies in the branding and the decor misses the mark. Part of it feels homely like an Austrian ski lodge and the other part feels like you’ve been frozen out of said ski lodge. The fact that its windows face the garish Sanlitun KTV bars doesn’t help either.

Located on the 4th floor of Sanlitun’s Nali Patio alongside Mosto, Niajo, Agua, Velvet, Migas and other illustrious Beijing food destinations, Tafelspitz is the only Austrian restaurant around but it’s still a stylish restaurant essentially targeting the same foodie demographic as its neighbors. Putting itself head to head with the best of the best, I question whether Tafelspitz can handle the competition.