Space: The Final Frontier… Open To The Public


For anyone who isn’t content flying business class to the other side of the world in 15 hours we have good news. It is very conceivable that someday in the not too distant future you will be able to slip surly bonds of earth and experience the thrill of space travel. And we don’t just mean zero gravity (although that’s really cool too).

With a number of private companies looking to commercialize space travel, better, cheaper technology and a genuine desire on the art of very many people, it looks like space travel may actually be within reach for those of us who didn’t found Google or some other silicon valley start up. This is very good news for everyone with a sense of adventure and a thirst for knowledge.

Donna Ramirez, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston UTMB research shows average people healthy enough for commercial space travel Historically, spaceflight has been reserved for the very healthy. Astronauts are selected for their ability to meet the highest physical and psychological standards to prepare them for any unknown challenges. However, with the advent of commercial…

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