Social Dining comes to the Great White North

“Food is the ultimate way to get to know a culture” according to Cristina Carpio the new Canadian Ambassador for VizEat, Europe’s leading immersive food experience platform.  She explains, “The dinner table was the first social network and so sharing ideas over food comes very naturally to us all.” This is the essence of social dining.

VizEat connects travelers with locals to share culinary events in their homes and as it launches in Canada, Carpio who is a Canadian TV food and beverage expert will be looking for great food experiences across the country. “VizEat is a way to share authentic food and wine events and to showcase the best Canada has to offer.”

VizEat is new to the Great White North but the platform already has over 110,000 members and 22,000 hosts in more than 110 countries. It can be accessed through desktop or on-the-go with a free iOS and Android app. Apple selected VizEat in the TOP 3 Apps of 2016 leading CEO Tim Cook to join VizEat for lunch in Paris this past February.

Carpio’s job now is to find hosts and to help curate some unforgettable experiences. “I want to find the most interesting chefs, the most passionate wine lovers and the most unique locations, to help create culinary events which are real and reflect the diversity of the food scene across the country.”

For hosts VizEat offers a way to show their passion for food, make a few extra bucks and share their local culture, while for customers the platform is a great way to get to know locals, try a new dish or two and immerse themselves in a new destination. “This is the sharing economy at its finest. It’s using technology to connect people in a real and tangible way.” Carpio added, “This is the essence of a great meal, it’s about the food, the conversation, the experience.”

To find a local event or become a host visit VizEat and stay tuned because we have a feeling there will be more exciting news from Cristina Carpio in the weeks and months ahead. And for a deeper read check this article.