Retirement Means We Can be Intrepid Travelers Anytime


When are you too old to travel? And at what age does the joy of being a tourist diminish to the point that it is no longer fun?

The answer to both of these questions is hopefully NEVER. We think you’re never too old to enjoy the thrill of experiencing new places and why should you outgrow your natural curiosity or the wonder of discover? Meeting new people shouldn’t just be something that interests you until you reach a certain age. We don’t think a love of travel has a best before date. and fortunately, most active seniors agree.

One of the happiest moments of my travelling life came after I fell while backpacking and tore up the rotator cuff in my left shoulder. Hurt like crazy and took months to heal, but when I flew, I could legitimately say I needed more time to board and get on the aircraft first. I’m not afraid…

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