K-Pop Grows Tourism

A growing number of International travelers will visit South Korea in the next four years, driven by a sharp rise in Chinese arrivals drawn by the popularity of Korean pop culture.

The number of inbound travelers projected to rise an average of 2.2% from 2015-2020, which would amount to 80.29 million, with Chinese travelers accounting for 35.52 million, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) said.

Among Asia Pacific destinations, South Korea, Japan, the Maldives and Thailand were expected to see the fastest growth in foreign visitors during the period, said the non-profit travel trade association based in Thailand.

South Korea was also among the countries that would see the fastest rise in a wave of outbound travelers, along with China, Thailand and India.

The association expected Koreans would most prefer neighboring Asian nations, including China, Japan and other Southeast Asian nations for their holidays in the next four years.

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