Flight tickets can be cheaper using a ‘fake’ location


Most people here in our community have gotten really proficient with using Matrix 3.0 (Google’s industry standard flight search engine). We confess many in our office search it obsessively night and day looking for ways to find cheaper flights. One Producer spent 8 hours straight to find the cheapest Biz Class ticket to Asia and you know what, she saved over $2,000. That’s pretty good for a day’s work.

One of the “hacks” that many people use is to change the Sales City for the flight search.This will allow yu to see if there are cheaper fares for the same routing in another country. Read on below and see how and why this matters.

Flight tickets can be one of the most bewildering purchases you ever make, especially when it comes to pricing. People have long talked about different tricks to try to get a lower fare, such as buying on different days of the week. Changing your location on the search website is a new one to me. It…

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