The Dos and Don’ts of Visiting Disneyland, CA

Thinking of heading to California’s Disneyland? Like any vacation, planning is everything when visiting this magical place. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that will ensure you have the best adventure possible.

Don’t book accommodation on the park

There are a number of hotels within the resort and you can stay in these if you desire – they’re all good quality hotels. However, these hotels are also very expensive. There’s plenty of accommodation around the resort in which you can get the same amount of luxury for less. Many of these hotels such as Holiday Inn La Mirada have shuttle services for easily getting to the park. Such hotels may even have shuttles to other attraction in the area – something you won’t get at a Disney hotel.

Do consider a Fastpass

You’ll pay a premium price for a Fastpass, but unlike most add-ons this one really is worth it. A Fastpass allows you to skip the queues. If you’re going in the height of summer or around Christmas time, this will come in handy as some attractions can get queues lasting over two hours. All in all, you’ll get to go on more rides and won’t feel like you’ve missed out.

Don’t try to pack it into a single day

Disneyland has two parks – you won’t fit both of them in one day. It’s best having a few days so that you can everything done. If you’re visiting from outside California, you’ll probably want at least a couple weeks to see the LA and other attractions too.

Do book dinner reservations

The area has many esteemed restaurants such as Napa Rose – if you’re planning on visiting any of these you should make a reservation a couple weeks ahead as most of these fully booked every night. This may not be a concern if you’re not planning on fine dining.

Don’t overpack your daybag

Think wisely about what you need to bring with you to the park. Bring too much stuff and you’ll have to lug it around with you all day. Avoid bulky raincoats and consider a light anorak for if it pours. There are back-up chargers near the lockers but some people may still prefer to bring their own portable charger just in case. Try to buy souvenirs and toys at the end of the day – you don’t want to be carrying these around the park. Toys in particular can often get lost.

Do bring a water bottle

There’s lots of places to get food and drink on the park. However, for lengthy times spent in sweaty queues it’s worth having a bottle of water just to stop you getting thirsty. There are lots of places to fill up your water for free. It could be cheaper than buying drink on the park, although you’ll most likely still want to treat yourself to the occasional soda drink or milkshake.