Chicago’s O’Hare rated worst U.S. airport during winter


We hate the winter. Anyone who has lived in the Northeast of the US or Canada for most of their lives tends to come to this conclusion. Sure our friends in Bangkok or Bali think the concept of snow is cute; while our mates in London have an understanding of what we go through, but still don’t really get it. After all the UK shuts down when they get 2 inches of the fluffy white stuff. Montreal on the other hand needs 2 feet or more before they even consider it to be snowing.

All this of course runs havoc with airports and transportation. We are tired of the delays at NY airports but apparently we shouldn’t complain as it appears Chicago’s O’Hare an airport that should “get” snow, actually doesn’t.

CHICAGO — O’Hare Airport is the worst in America for winter travelers who want to be on time and avoid crowds, according to a new report released Tuesday. Some 42 percent of flights are delayed at the Chicago airport during the winter, according to flight data site Hopper, which ranked America’s 20 largest airports. O’Hare joins…

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