Calling all Beijing Cookie Monsters

For all you Cookie Monsters in Beijing, get ready to eat your heart out!

An annual event co-hosted by The Hutong and yours truly, this is the event that gets me as giddy as Christmas does each and every year. Designed for insatiable cookie addicts who have a bottomless pit for homemade, stuff-your-face-silly cookies, we’re about to make your cookie dreams come true this Sunday, March 19th from 2PM-5PM.

Our Cookie Monster Bake-Off will feature 21 different types of creative cookies, each one made from scratch by 21 brilliant bakers based in Beijing. There will be more than your fair share of cookies to munch your way through, it really doesn’t get much better than this!

From chewy and gooey to salty cookies with bacon, sticky cookies with ginger, cookie cups, vegan cookies, Swedish cookies, cookie sandwiches and crafty variations of your classic Chocolate Chip cookies, we are very proud to announce the top contestants who have made the cut and will be competing in this year’s Cookie Monster Charity Bake-Off!

“The concept is simple: We will be hosting a Charity Bake Off to indulge Beijing’s most indulgent cookie monsters by showcasing some of Beijing’s Best Bakers and supporting a local community charity, all at the same time!” – LDS & The Hutong

The Hutong + LDS: Cookie Monster Charity Bake-Off

Rally up fellow sweet tooths and cookie lovers and head over to The Hutong this Sunday and if you can manage to make your way through all the various cookie samples, you can vote for your top 3 favorites!

Based on the creative and mouth-watering cookie recipes we have been receiving, these top bakers will be showcasing some serious baking talent, two of which will be crowned our triumphant Cookie Monster Winners – the People’s Choice Winner + Judge’s Choice Winner!

2017′s Cookie Monster Bake-Off Contestants:

  1. Sarina Zhou:  Brown Butter Pistachio Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies
  2. Anoopa Anna: Ultimate chocolate Hob nob
  3. Erika Tomljen: White Chocolate, Cranberries & Hazelnuts
  4. Zhao Yi: Rose del deserto
  5. Alma Colleran: Salted Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies
  6. Robynne Tindall: Boozy Bourbon Biscuits
  7. Martha Walch: Double Chocolate Chip with a Homemade Salted Caramel Core!
  8. Holly Priestland & Janina Schmidt: That Vegan AF Cookie
  9. Eliott Hu: Maple Bacon Cookies
  10. Andrea Lindgren: Swedish Butter Cookies with Crunchy Caramel Twist
  11. Chef Lucy (EAST Hotel): Oatmeal Nutella Cookies
  12. Johana Gómez de la Torre: Spicy Choco-Chai Cookies
  13. Jennie Chow from Jennie’s Oven: Sticky Gingers
  14. Eleni Smith: Apricot White Chocolate Surprise
  15. Jamie Penaloza: Dark Chocolate & Spelt with Pecan and Goat Cheese Crumbles
  16. Anissa Doradoux: ”Le romantique” with white chocolate, nuts and cranberries
  17. Shuang Chai: Oatmeal Chocolate Cookie Cup
  18. Katie Martin, Abby Arterburn, Misha Berrien: One Hawt Cookie
  19. Andy Horowitz’s (Andy’s Craft Sausages): “Oh My Lard” Cookies