American Airlines Hires Ink Global To Relaunch ‘American Way’


Back in the day the only entertainment on an airplane was to read, drink scotch like it was going out of style, harass the Stewardesses (don’t judge us they were called Stewardesses back then not the more gender-neutral Flight Attendant) or smoke. Well these days if you’re in First you can probably have a tipple of scotch but that’s about it. Anything else will get you offloaded to the custody of police when you land. Except of course reading. We can still do that and American Airlines wants to make sure it’s still as enjoyable as ever.

Read on and find out what we mean.

The world’s largest airline is getting out of the publishing business. American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ:AAL), which finalized its merger earlier this year with US Airways, will partner with Ink Global to produce its American Way magazine and two other in-flight publications. The companies are expected to announce the partnership later Tuesday. American Way reaches 193…


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