Africa’s Tourism Hit From Ebola Even Far From Virus


We’re big fans of Africa. Now we don’t mean to imply that the MASSIVE continent of Africa is one homogeneous destination, far from it. And that;s the crux of this story. Africa is a large, varied continent with multitudes of different customs, traditions, histories, presents and futures. And did we say large? Well it is stunningly large. And that’s what an Ebola fear in West Africa should have no bearing on travelers to South Africa or North Africa or even East Africa. See where we’re going with this?

In many parts of the continent, Africans rely heavily on tourism. A drip in arrivals has a devastating ripple effect. We’ve seen this firsthand in Egypt after the Arab Spring and it is not pretty. So we present this article which presents some clarity about Africa and Ebola. It’s a very good read.

The deadly Ebola epidemic raging in West Africa may be far removed from other African countries in the eastern and southern parts of the giant continent — but it’s wreaking havoc on their tourism economies nonetheless. The outbreak that has claimed nearly 4,500 lives is centered in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. Still, panic that the…

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